Questions and Answers...

1. How do I get the training?

We offer training by appointment.  Classes can last up to 6 hours and you can bring up to 3 people with you.  The number of hours depend often on your level of experience with a professional video camera.

2. Do you do any training in editing?  Yes we can do training in editing (final cut pro)  but you will need to purchase the Deluxe package which we will provide you a quote to include Mac computer, 2 - 3 professional cameras, etc.  software, etc.

3. Do I need to pay any money upfront?  With approved credit the answer is No, if your credit is declined we can still approve you with a down payment which vary based on your credit.

4.  Can I receive a certificate in video production when I complete my training? Yes you will receive a certificate of completion from our accredited Bible College but additional courses are required.  Deluxe package only.

5. Can my TV show be of non christian nature on your TV platforms?  Yes shows must be informative, educational, christian or inspirational. Generally as long as it is not sexually explicit or fowl language we can broadcast on one or both networks. If in question we can make a determination which network we will broadcast your TV show on.

6. How long does it take to get my equipment? It can take as early as 3 business days or up to 7 days depending on your city/state.  If you are in the Atlanta GA area you can come pick it up usually within 3-4 days of your order.  At this time you will schedule training.

7. Is it really worth what I am paying?  Yes it is well worth it because you are receiving MORE value than what you are paying for.


No one does it like PTWWN TV.

Dreams come true right here.

We are pleased to partner with Spotlight TV in getting you professional TV broadcasting equipment.  The cost of production is high.  This is a great opportunity to get the equipment you need and learn how to do it your self with you and your team. 

Here's how...

  • Purchase the entry level one camera HD Camera package with accessories.  Included in the purchase offer is training of how to film your television show. Payments around $127.00 monthly.

  • Prepare for training on how to professionally use the camera to film your television show.  You can bring up to 3 people with you for training.

  • Once your TV show is ready for distribution, we will distribute your show by airing it on our television network.  You qualify for discount weekly airtime rates and we email you your official agreement form.

Airtime - Purchase TV Camera and receive complimentary TV weekly airtime half hour slot.

  • Global Standard package - Roku, Apple TV, mobile devices, Android Smart TV's, Fire TV.   $89.00 a week. You get 28.5 minutes of airtime a week for 12 months!

  • Global package with local cable TV - same as above Plus broadcast on Comcast Cable/Atlanta GA.  $59.00 a week.

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