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We are pleased to announce the launching of 4 local broadcast stations in which GOD is directing us to focus on empowering people in these markets spiritually and economically. 


  • Preach The Word Network Atlanta ( January 2021)

  • Preach The Word Network Los Angeles ( December 2020)

  • Preach The Word Network Upstate New York ( Now)

  • Preach The Word Network Dallas Texas ( February 2021)


If you reside in any of the  broadcast TV markets above, you are invited to take advantage of an amazing offer that will not be introduced again.  We are proud to share that this local channel is history in the making.  Other than CBN, we are one of the first Christian Television networks that will be broadcasting a daily 6:00 PM News Broadcast that will focus on Christian perspectives and Biblical insights.  


Our mission is to serve three critical areas.

(1) Spiritual Empowerment - Will empower viewers with the Word of GOD in different genres of TV Shows.

(2) Economic Empowerment - Will empower local residents with employment opportunities.

(3) Broadcasting Empowerment - Broadcasters will become empowered with television opportunities to express their God-given talents and callings.


As you know, we are already broadcasting globally. Still, there are times we must focus on ministering and servicing the needs of the local people in our community and surrounding cities. They need to get to know who YOU are. You will become your city's household name because people will look forward to your programming each week to watch your television broadcast. You can be a blessing to the Atlanta GA market by taking advantage of this offer.  


Good News

We are presenting this offer to 100 people whom we have selected. Only the 1st 25 will receive the free airtime covered by our promotional sponsors. All others will be privileged to 50% off the standard weekly rates from $150.00 - $499.00 a week.  ACT NOW with your one-time application/admin fee of only $395.00.



We believe that God is raising leaders to impact the world, but we must first empower our community and surrounding areas.


The local broadcast TV Station will allow us to serve the community and send out a "signal" of God's WORD to set the captive free to all people in as many televised ways as possible. 

  • Broadcast TV Station - People with no cable TV. They can tune in and watch our local channel with an antenna.

  • Roku and Fire Stick TV: We are developing a local TV Channel on Roku and Amazon Fire Stick for those with internet to tune in to the local channel. The channel will also include your programming to air On-Demand 24/7.

  • People with cable TV. We are in negotiation with Comcast, ATT, Dish, and Directv and/or other cable TV carriers to carry our channel so that cable subscribers can watch the 24/7 channel. (Channel # to be announced)

  • Mobile Phone Devices


We are in one of the most significant times. During this pandemic and the many calamities, many people are losing hope. Many are full of fear and have become restless, not knowing what the future holds. We need men and women of GOD to rise and speak to the people in their community and the world. We must spread the right news WORD that there is hope, and Jesus is the answer.


If you have additional questions or would like to sign up please complete the form below.

Upon receipt our programming director is LaToya Gerard will forward you your official welcome letter.


We are excited about what God is doing in the above cities through the airwave.  Please join us!