Video Production

Broadcast your TV Show on our network

Weekly Rates start at $199.00 a week.  Ask how you may be eligible for free TV airtime with our grant program.

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Do you have a desire to spread the Gospel message of hope?  Contact us for information about the PTWWN Broadcast, Dream Vision Grant Program that covers the cost of TV airtime and TV production Training. 


What kind of TV broadcast do you have on your mind to produce? 

The  Dream Vision is a in-kind grant program for new and existing TV Broadcasters. Total Grant - $7,700.00 - $9,400.00 per market.

  • The grant covers TV airtime on the PTWWN TV platforms for a 26 week period that is renewable to qualified applicants.

  • The grant covers introductory TV Production Filming class and basic editing and filming for new TV Broadcasters.

  • The grant covers training to broadcasters in how to obtain sponsorships for thier TV Show.

  • Grant is available for up to 3 markets and our entire Global TV Distribution

  • Grant is available to non-profits and individuals


  • TV Shows must be of inspirational and educational nature

  • Never had a show on TV before or if you have, you must receive less than $10,000 a month in sponsorship revenue on your television show.

Time frame - Open while funding is available.  Please contact for further information.


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Contact our VP or Programming for more information about this rewarding TV Opportunity.

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