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Final TV Show Confirmation

Congratulations! You are now accepted to be a guest our special TV guest. Please follow the steps below to confirm your upcoming television appearance.

We are excited about you coming on the show.  Together we are changing lives around the world.

We ask all guests to consider participating in our TV ad Campaign.  It is the TV advertisements that make it possible for us to continue broadcasting the TV Shows and providing 24/7 programming.  Please partner with us.

You can partner with us by participating in the ad campaigns by calling the 800 number in the advertisement.  We ask that you please call at least 2 of the advertisers.  Our advertisers are waiting to share more about their products and services.


As our special guest, please select one of the complimentary gifts below by watching the video gift offer. One is a $500.00 travel voucher and

the other is a $500.00 Restaurant voucher.

Please watch both videos to see which gift offer you prefer.

This is our thank you gift for you coming on the show.  In step 3 you will select your choice gift offer and we will present you the voucher on the day of your TV Taping.

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