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Welcome Aboard!

You are now apart of an amazing opportunity in helping us broadcast positive and inspirational TV Programming around the world.

Your part in this venture is simple.  Simply help us find talents who would be a good fit for launching their own TV Show.  Do not try to give a sales presentation.  Our team is trained to do all the work for you and sign up interested applicants. 


The only thing you are asked to say is the following ( or something similar to it). If they have other questions, please assure them that our Broadcast executives will be able to answer any questions that they may have.  Below is what we suggest you say to introduce the program to others.

  • "I am a talent scout for a Christian TV Network.  They are looking for talents for TV broadcasting opportunities and I think you would be great with your own TV Show.  Right now there is grant funding to cover the cost of the TV airtime which could save you thousands of dollars.  Would you be interested in signing up for it or at least get more information.

( If you are interested in this opportunity for yourself, please give Mrs. LaToya Gerard a call at 404 836 3838 ext 1003.

TV Shows could be 

  • Preaching/Bible Teaching series

  • Inspirational Talk Shows

  • Cooking Shows

  • Music

  • Fitness

  • Mini Series

  • Short Films

  • Children Shows

  • Game Shows

  • Positive Reality Shows

  • Anything inspirational and positive in the Christian Faith or Educational

NO political shows

Help us find the talents and you earn $50.00 for every person we contract.

Get paid every Friday weekly as long as talent is contracted on or before Tuesday of each week.


We will contact them and give them a TV presentation.  If they contract with us you will be compensated $50.00 referral fee.  Commission are paid via direct deposit.  ( We will notify and ask you for deposit information when we are ready to fund your first contracted deal.

If you have further questions about the TV broadcast opportunity please give Mrs. Latoya Gerard a call at 404 836 3838 ext. 1003

If you have questions about your pay please send Mr.  Ron Hough an email at