Launch your own TV channel as a

PTWWN TV affiliate channel.

12 reasons why you should consider us

  • You will have your own 24/7 TV Station

  • Create your own brand under an experienced brand.

  • We will assist in training on how to operation your channel.

  • We can assist you with TV programming to add to your TV line up

  • You can sell airtime and commercial spots on your channel and earn 100% of the revenue

  • We can provide you with national commercials to run to give your channel a "real TV look"

  • Your channel will be on the new PTWWN TV affiliate networks app where you will receive more viewers.

  • You can get started at an affordable price.

  • We are only adding 12 network channels so act now if you would like to be included.

  • You are part of a growing TV Media movement to change the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Many people are started but failed.  We have been around for 13 years and we are here to help you succeed.

  • You will not find this offer anywhere else because most companies who develop you an app on Roku, etc. will not provide you TV content and mentor you. We also can assist you with advancing your channel to cable and broadcast TV channels.

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