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Thank you for your interest in our intern broadcasting grant program with PTWWN TV! 


This program is an opportunity for you to excel in global television.  You are afforded an opportunity that can brand you as a television personality in Christian TV programming. 


 TV media is exploding, and people are constantly looking to hear and watch new content.  You can be a part of a television media movement with positive programming that will empower, inspire and change lives all around the world. We are now looking to add a variety of TV shows to our 24/7 channel. This includes preaching, teaching, talk shows, cooking shows, music, sitcoms, etc.  Your show idea can manifest right here on our network reaching a global audience of 50 million homes and devices all around the world!



 Today, I can extend to you a TV offer for free TV airtime for six months based on your approval. If you are approved, your financial contribution from our sponsors will cover the cost of the standard airtime rate of $299.00 per week.  This covers the cost for one weekly half hour time slot.  This means you pay "$0.00" a week by simply enrolling into our grant program. A total savings of $7.774.00 for the six-month agreement.


In addition to the free TV airtime we have video tutorials to assist you in editing, video recording tips and solutions on how to use your iPhone, android or other DSLR camera for a professional production.


The program also provides you with information on how you can obtain advertisers and sponsors for your show and receive 100% of proceeds. 



 TV viewership is at an all-time high and this is an opportunity for you to enter into the world of TV media at the right time.


Your final approval is based on the answer of the following questions below. 

If you can answer yes to 2 out of the 3 questions, you are approved.



To qualify for the special opportunity, you must meet the following criteria.

  1. Never had a TV Show

  2. If you presently have a TV Show your monthly donations/revenue is less than $10,000.00 a month.

  3. Your content or show is of Christian, Education or Inspirational nature for the empowerment of our viewers.

If you answered 2 out of 3 of the above questions, you are automatically approved and qualify for intern grant program. 


 If you are approved, we invite you to move forward and complete the application below.  There is a one-time $395.00 admin fee which cover marketing and promotions.  Upon completion of the form we will email you an official welcome email with further instructions on how to get started with tutorial training and/or uploading your TV content to our upload system. 


Upon completing this form, this locks you in for the grant program.  You have up to 60 days to submit your TV programming or you can start immediately.  


Funding is limited so we encourage you to act on this special offer now.


Please click sign up now link below follow link below to complete application.


If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to give me a call at 404 836 3838.