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You have been directed to this page because you are eligible for a special TV offer on our Christian Television Network.

As a preacher of the gospel, life coach or follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We solicit your partnership with us in broadcasting quality Christian programming to our local and global TV platforms and coverage areas.



- Grant funding available to cover the cost of airtime.

I can extend to you a 26-week offer for free TV airtime to broadcast your television show.. The standard weekly airtime rate of $299.00 a week per market will be covered by our valued sponsors who have made it possible for us to extend this opportunity to you.


We pass this blessing to you so that we can expand in bringing in others to help fulfill  the great commission of taking the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world with variety television programming.  You can choose what type programming you want to broadcast.  It can be preaching, teaching, talk shows, mini series, positive reality shows, movies, cooking shows or whatever God lay on your heart to produce.  You can be a part of this great work by coming on board with us. You will receive TV airtime for a half hour weekly broadcast for a period of 26 weeks.. This is a  26 week total minimum value of $7,774.00 per market at no cost to you ( other than one time application fee) because of the support of our national TV sponsors.

To take advantage of this tremendous opportunity, there is a one time fee of $395.00 admin fee which covers the cost of marketing and promotions of your television show for the entire 26 week period per market. 


One of the most popular questions we have asked is . How can someone earn revenue from their TV Show. TV Media is a powerful tool to reach people. If you are in ministry or just want to produce your own television show we understand that there could be a need for monthly revenue or compensation to support your TV broadcast.  We have in place training to provide you more information on how to obtain sponsors and advertisers to monetize your TV content.   You will earn 100% of all donations, sponsorships or payments made directly to you. We offer no guarantee of how much funds you will receive because it it totally up to you. There is one guarantee we can make, based on scripture Matthew 6:33 "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you. We firmly believe that if GOD is leading you to join us in Christian Broadcasting he is able to do great things through you and for you to help you carry out this mandate.


We provide online tutorial training for broadcasters who are new in television broadcasting. The use of your existing iphone, Android or Video Camera will be the perfect solution to get started with.

If you are not interested in producing your show, we can offer several options in editing and filming your broadcast at our TV studios. 


TV viewership is at an all-time high, and this is the perfect time to take advantage of an opportunity you may never be privileged to again.

If you have a passion to bring hope and inspiration to a lost and hurting world, now is the time.  So many things are happening today and we encourage you to join us in bringing positive television to homes around the world.

Confirm your qualifications.  If you can answer Yes to the questions/terms below, you will qualify for this special program.

  1. This grant program is for broadcasters who will be broadcasting only religious and/or educational content

  2. Not designed for a political platform

  3. Not designed to bash political parties, individuals, ministries or organizations


Sign up below for faster processing or give us a call at 404 836 3838 if you have additional questions.

Upon signing up with payment, we will email you an official welcome letter and all the information you need to get started.  We have 4 offers you can choose from based on your budget. 


Are you ready to move forward? Please click the link below to complete the application to start your new broadcast. Once you sign up, you will receive an official welcome letter and log in information. *If you choose the 2-installment payment plan we will email you your welcome letter, log in information and separate agreement to complete.


Got Questions? Read to find your answers below.

If you don't see your answer call 404 836 3838.

Sign up now- full payment

I would like to pay in two installments.  Call 404 836 3838) for special link.


  1. Can I get paid? The answer is YES. Revenue can be generated by obtaining sponsors and advertisers on your show.  You receive 100% of all sponsorship and advertising revenue you collect from your TV show. 

  2. Can I start with the $395.00?  Absolutely, you can always upgrade. The $395.00 is your 26 week membership fee.  Once you become a member, you are granted FREE TV airtime valued  a minimum of $7,774.00. ( based on market) ( 28.5 minutes a week for 26 weeks)  

  3. I don't want to pay you the membership for free airtime. I want a show where someone will pay me - This is possible but you have to build a track record. You have to be willing to start somewhere to build your resume and track record If you want to advance to a paid TV host position on major networks such as BET, BRAVO, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  For a small investment of $395.00 you have the opportunity to begin a successful career in television broadcasting.

  4. Where will my TV Show be seen? We will broadcast your show on local TV station channel in Upstate New York, Global TV on our app channels on Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV.  You can also expand to other markets and outlets such as San Bernardino - LA County, California, Atlanta, GA, and Comcast Cable ,Spectrum Cable and Glory Star Satellite.

  5. Are you like You Tube? No, we are a television network on the above platforms which include local OTA broadcast TV stations.

  6. Can I refer others who may be interested? Yes, you will earn a $50.00 referral payment. Simply send them to this page and add your name as their recruiter.  You are paid weekly on signed talents you recruit.

  7. How do I know if this is right for me? If you have a passion for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and positive programming to local cities and the world, then you are a good fit for television broadcasting. It takes a positive attitude, patience, and commitment as any other venture.

  8. Can I come to your TV Studio? We are in the Atlanta, GA area. We film our flagship shows in our studio, and some of our member television shows at discounted rates.

  9. Why do you do what you do? We are a local and global television network whose mission is to bring positive programming to the world. There is so much negative television programming and only a few positive television shows. We are making a difference by seeking broadcasters who would like to join our mission in making the world a better place. TV Media have the power to influence people. Join us in our mission to broadcast positive and inspirational programming.

  10. Does my TV Show have to be religious? We are a Christian Television Network. All content must be Christian and/or positive content.   We are looking for these type shows, movies, talk shows, cooking shows, fitness, reality, preaching, teaching, music, mini-series, children shows, game shows or any other type show that meet our guidelines.

  11. Do I have to have experience?  Experience is always a plus, however if you have a great personality, love to talk, creative,  passion for people and the desire to learn, you are a good candidate.

  12. How long have you been around? We are leaders in Christian Television broadcasting going 14 years strong.

  13. How long will this offer last? This is a first-come, first-served offer with limited space, so we encourage you to act now.

  14. Are there any other additional fees? No, there are no additional required fees unless you choose to upgrade or invest in other products and services.

  15. I have other questions. Please feel free to give us a call at 404 836 3838


Are you ready to move forward? Please click the link below to complete the application to start your new broadcast. Once you sign up, you will receive an official welcome letter and log in information.


Got Questions? Read to find your answers below.

If you don't see your answer call 404 836 3838.