How often am I paid? You are paid weekly every Monday with direct deposit into your banking account. If you do not have a bank account please contact us. Monday 12:00 midnight is your cut off time for new talent enrollments; you will be paid the following Monday.

How much am I paid per signed contract sale? See products and services.  Your trainer will go over this again with you.

What if the talent does not qualify for the grant program? Talent  have the option to sign up with our standard rates. You will see this information also on the presentation page.

Do I have to sell Camera Equipment?  No you receive the commissions automatically if a broadcaster upgrade to the Broadcasters Dream Package.

Can I 3 way someone on the phone with you?   Yes, you can, but your commissions will be reduced by 50% because this means someone is helping you close the sale. 

How do I promote this opportunity?

 By reaching out to  Churches, ministries, social media platforms with a simple ad that says  "Major TV Network is offering TV airtime to qualified applicants through grant funding.  Please note ALL promotional ads must be approved.

Can I have a copy of the flyer on this page with my contact information on it? Yes we can create it for you per your request. Give us a call or email us at


How can I find out more information about this organization?

Visit us online at


What if I want my own TV Show? Yes you can apply if you qualify, however you will not receive a commission for signing yourself. A Staff member can sign you up.

What if someone want two shows?  Applicants can apply for up to two half hour shows.


What if someone want a one hour show?  We do not offer one hour shows with the grant program. A suggestion would be to apply for two shows or upgrade and apply as a non qualified  applicant.


What if the applicant is out of the country?  We are global so it does not matter as long as they meet the qualifications. 


What if a person cancel? Is my commission charged back?    This is rare because the application/agreement fee is nonrefundable. This would happen only if we detect fraud or misrepresentation of our service.

What if a client ask if we can film and edit their broadcast?  The answer is yes.  Provide us with their information and we will contact them.  This is a non commission product/service so it is good to make mention of the "Broadcasters Dream Camera Package which includes free training.


If you are on this page it means that you have been selected as a Global recruiter for PTWWN TV.  You are now a part of a winning team!  We are taking the good news gospel around the world on global television.  Talents are signing up to broadcast a variety of TV shows such as talk shows, preaching, cooking shows, fitness, health, music, movies, sitcoms, mini series and much more.

As a global recruiter your assignment will be helping us find talents for TV guest appearances or for those interested in their own weekly TV broadcast. 

Products and Services


  • TV Broadcast Airtime - Talents who qualify will have 28.5 minutes of weekly airtime to broadcast on our global  television platform. Your Commission - $75.00 for each talent signed approved broadcast.

  • Sponsored TV Show Guest-  We are always looking for "Sponsored" Guests to appear on our featured TV Shows.   Sponsored guests receive more time and a detailed interview designed to help sell their product or services.  Featured shows are Books of the Month Show, Preach the Word Show, Shekinah Women of Beauty Show and Americas Got Anointing.  Commission - $75.00 referral fee

  • Broadcasters Dream Package. (Upgrade referral commission bonus)  Broadcaster can choose from 3 different camera packages. You will receive a referral fee commission ranging from $100.00. $150.00 or $200.00 based on signed and delivered package. 


  •  Attend a training session with our corporate Training Recruiter.  Conference call number is 209 399 9948.  Every Tuesday night at 7:30 - 8:30 pm est. 

  • Upon completion you are on your way to making presentations.


  • Complete employment application on our website and email required docs.