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How often am I paid? You are paid weekly every Monday with direct deposit into your banking account. If you do not have a bank account please contact us. Monday 12:00 midnight is your cut off time for new talent enrollments which you will be paid the following Monday.

What if the talent does not qualify for the grant program? They still have the option to sign up with our standard rates which you will still get paid.  You will see this information also on the presentation page.

Can I 3 way someone on the phone with you?   Yes, you can, but your commissions will be reduced to $50.00 because this means someone is helping you close the sale. 

How do I advertise or promote this?  

 Churches, ministries, social media platforms by a simple ad that says "Major TV Network is giving away free TV airtime to qualified applicants" OR something like “Get your own TV show on a global TV Network for free”.  Please note ALL ads must be approved on where and how the wording is stated.

Can I have a copy of the flyer on this page with my contact information on it? Yes we can create it for you per your request. Give us a call or email us at


How can I find out more information about this organization?

Visit us online at


What if I want my own TV Show? Yes you can apply if you qualify, however you would receive no commission for signing up or yourself. Only a Staff member can sign you up.

What if someone want two shows?  Applicants can apply for up to two shows.


What if someone want a one hour show?  We do not offer one hour shows with the grant program. A suggestion would be to apply for two shows or upgrade and apply as a non qualified  applicant.


What if the applicant is out of the country?  We are global so it does not matter as long as they meet the qualifications. 


What if a person cancel? Is my commission charged back?    This is rare because the application/agreement fee is nonrefundable. This would happen only if we detect fraud or misrepresentation of our service.


If you are on this page it means that you have been selected as a Global recruiter for PTWWN TV.  You are now a part of a winning team!  We are taking the good news gospel around the world with talents interested in their own talk show, preaching, cooking show, fitness show, music, mini series, movie or anything that can be imagined as long as programming is of Christain, educational or inspirational nature.

As a global recruiter your assignment will be helping us find these (gems) talents to receive an amazing opportunity of FREE TV airtime ( thanks to our major sponsors) for 6-12 months. ( 26-52 weeks)


Talents who qualify will have 28.5 minutes of weekly airtime to broadcast on our global  television platform. You earn $100.00 for each talent that you recruit who sign up.


  •  Schedule a presentation appointment with a Staff recruiter for a 3 WAY your client with one of our staff members at 404 836 3838 during normal business hours. We recommend 3 training presentations, but you can stay in training as long as you need or make presentations yourself as quickly as you desire. If you use presentation training  your commission will be $50.00.  Staff recruiter will give full presentation with you and client on the phone. Make sure your client is in front of a computer as well so they are reviewing the same information on the presentation page.

  • You are paid $50.00 for every sales training call and $100.00 if you close the transaction yourself by having your client complete the form on the presentation page.  Simply copy and paste the presentation page and provide your client to sign up and hear/review presentation.

  • Before scheduling any presentation appointment with a client be sure to study the Grant presentation so you are well familiar.  Be sure to review the sign up form as well.


  • Under NO circumstance give out the above address to the public UNLESS they are interested in a presention. 

  • Advise talents there is a one time required $395.00 application fee.  This is a matching grant and our sponsor will not fund their broadcast without them paying the application fee.  The application fee is minimal compared to the $99.00 - $299.00 weekly standard TV rates.

  •  Be sure to have talent add your name as the recruiter to the application. If there is no name we will  call and ask them but if they forgot your name, you could possibly not be paid so the best thing is to have them complete form while you are on the phone with them and remind them to add your name as the recruiter because you are on the phone with them when they sign up. 

  • Let talents know they are responsible for their own production of the show but we do offer discount production rates and also professional TV cameras for sale if needed.


  • Complete employment application on our website and email required docs. or to the far left menu at the top of this page you will see "employment".

  • READ - It is important to read everything so you are familiar with  this program.  Everything is self explanatory on the webspage we are providing you.

  • CALL - If you have additional questions please call 404 836 3838.

  • When you have prospective clients provide sales presentation with or without a Staff Recruiter.