• How can people watch my movie or TV show On Demand?  Roku and our website.  This also includes mobile devices and notebooks if they are watching from our website.

  • How can people watch my movie on Live Television? Roku, Apple, Fire TV, Channel 24.7 Los Angeles California, Channel Upstate New York and coming soon on our new station in Atlanta GA ( January launch)

  • How many homes do you reach?  We reach over 60 million homes through our entire distribution.

  • Can you guarantee me how much money I can make? No we can guarantee you how much you will make nor how many people will be watching.  We do our part in advertising your movie/show because it is in the best interest of us all for your movie to be a success.

  • Why should I sign up?  Our viewers have been asking us to broadcast more inspirational movies.  We believe you and our viewers will be blessed!

Did you work hard to get your movie ready for distribution?

We can help you with that!  PTWWN Broadcasting can add your inspirational movie or TV Show to our TV line up and On Demand Channel.

Here is our it works.

  • We will run your movie for a specified period of time based on our agreements on our TV Channel and also On Demand on our website and Roku.

  • On Demand TV - We will  broadcast your movie or show on our Pay Per View On Demand Web and Roku Channel.  You earn 100% of whatever you decide to charge for viewers to watch your movie(s). Your compensation goes directly to your merchant account and you are paid daily.

  • Live TV Channel.  We receive 70% of funded pay per call commercial ads on our TV Channel and you receive 30% and you are paid monthly.

  • A simple partnership with profitable returns.  To sign up we need the following.

  • (1)  Proof the movie or TV Show belong to you. (2) Content must be of inspirational nature (3) $375.00 submission fee for a 12 weeks of airing On Demand 24/7 period. 4 times on our television network in a 4week period . (4) You must agree to come on the new show we are producing called "Spotlight Movies" where we will feature you and show highlights of your movie before it airs.

If you are interested in signing up please submit video here and we will let you know if we can approve your movie.

Upon approval we can move forward with the agreement and payment.